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Personal training - Why?

Kirsty - Your Personal Trainer

Many people find themselves struggling to make the time to get fit or do not enjoy the gym environment. Fitness, toning and weight loss can all be achieved without the use of the gym, in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home, office or even the park, wherever you prefer or a mixture of all to suit your lifestyle. KJFitness can devise tailored programs to achieve personal goals, whether you are a complete beginner or trained athlete. Kirsty will ensure you achieve results in the fastest time possible to keep you motivated and reaching your goals.

KJ Fitness can also devise a personalised nutritional plan that can aid in a healthy weight loss program and ensure that you lose weight and then most importantly keep it off; helping you adopt a healthier lifestyle, not just a quick fix that you can’t sustain.

Kirsty qualified as a Personal trainer in 2004 and has since added Body Pump, Circuit Training, Tabata, Spin to mention a few to her repertoire of classes. A keen runner, cyclist and racquet sports enthusiast, she makes keeping fit fun! She has worked with and achieved great results with clients from 16-80 with a wide variety of goals. Kirsty specialises in clients who do not like gyms but has also worked at a luxury retreat in Marbella, the IOM, also at Overstone Park gym and Fitness4Less and at most of the clubs around the county teaching classes.

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Results and Services

Achievable Results

Lose body fat
Tone body
Increase fitness levels
Increase muscle mass
Become more flexible
Boost energy levels and reduce stress
Improve posture
Injury prevention
Feel fitter, healthier and more positive
Prevent osteoporosis


Services Provided

Gym, home, office or park
 - or mix it up!
Provide a range of equipment both for training and assessment of progress
Nutritional advice
 - refining food intake to gain optimal results
Fitness Testing
 - monitor your progress
Goal Setting
 - set realistic and achievable goals
Pre and Post Natal
 - healthier during and after pregnancy

KJ Fitness Personal Trainer Kirsty

KJ Fitness personal training programmes are available in a variety of formats to allow you to make the most of our services.

Consultation: Prior to starting a programme with us a consultation will be arranged to allow you to find out more about our services, the training programmes and to meet your Trainer. During this consultation you will be asked to fill out a Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire, to assist the Trainer in establishing your suitability (medical reasons) to exercise, your past and current exercise levels and your goals. This consultation is Free and with no obligation to proceed.

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The first session and every 4-6 weeks thereafter will be an Assessment, which will include the following to check your current health and fitness and monitor your improvements.

BLOOD PRESSURE TEST - this test is done electronically and will give a reading of your systolic and diastolic.

RESTING PULSE RATE - this test is done electronically and will give a reading of your heart rate while in a rested state.

LUNG FUNCTION - to test the size, power and efficiency of your lungs

BODY FAT PERCENTAGE - a simple test using state of the art equipment, this will give details of your body composition in a matter of seconds.

HEIGHT AND WEIGHT EVALUATION - an accurate assessment of your height and weight.

BMI - Body Mass Index is used.

UPPER AND LOWER BODY STRENGTH TESTS - these tests are done using multi joint upper and lower body exercises to failure.

ABDOMINAL STRENGTH TEST - a test that is devised to determine your abdominal strength.

GIRTH MEASUREMENTS - a great way to determine whether or not you have lost inches off your new body!

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£20-£25 per session in your own home depending on distance and only £15 if come to me in Hunsbury Meadows. This includes ongoing variety of programmes, assessments and research of latest studies to help you achieve maximum results. You can split the cost with a family member or friend too.

10 % discount is also applied for 6 sessions paid up front, and 15% for 12.

Further Discounts are available on special packages (see below)

Gift vouchers avouchers are a great present too especially with Christmas approaching and getting fit No. 1 on many peoples New Years resolutions.

Sample Packages

Wedding Toning and Weight Loss Programs

Wedding Programme: This is a 12 week programme inclusive of a 20% discount off unit price, our wedding package is designed to maximise weight loss and tone your body to have you looking amazing for your big day. The sessions will work around your schedule and we aim to complement the busy schedule and not add to the existing stress of preparing for the occasion! During the programme you will receive a complementary Body Massage as well as a complementary Diet Consultation.

Intensive Programme: This programme is over 6 weeks, inclusive of 15% discount off unit price, with 3 sessions per week to either kick start your exercise regime, prepare for that Holiday or for those who realise they have not done enough for a certain charity, sporting or similar event. Our Trainer will look to maximise the time remaining in a structured, progressive format to achieve the best results for you.

Ante/Post Natal Programme: This program can be begun prior to conception, once pregnancy has been confirmed, or 6 weeks after the birth. Presently this is done on a one-to-one basis, but classes are in the pipeline! This programme is based on 2/3 sessions per week, and the number of weeks varies depending on requirement. After the consultation, the instructor will advise and calculate discount.

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Body Wow Fit Club- Small Group Training

If you prefer a class and train in a small group or want to set up your own group. This could be for you. Behind the museum in Abington Park, all lit up and tarmac. A small group meet Tuesdays and Thursday 6.30-7.30pm for a fun packed hour of cardio, strength and toning activities and always a laugh. Great group of people, work at your own level, get the results without being shouted at like in a boot camp style of training! Only £5 a session or £12 for 3 paid in advance for consecutive sessions. Email or call to book your place, great to make new friends too or come with a friend. Getting fit can be fun! It doesn’t have to be boring in a gym! I’m that confident, first session FREE!


Remember:- A journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step. KJ Fitness are pleased to provide evaluation of your health and fitness levels but also can educate you in relation to healthy life shopping and cooking options with menu planning and a complete cook and deliver healthy meal service. -And no you don't need to be hungry!!

KJ Fitness working with you to achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.

For full details of all our programmes, packages or just for no obligation advice please email us today or telephone on 07554 040608. Make that call today, you won't regret it!

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